Father And GF Allegedly Lock 6-Year-Old Son In Hot Car To Finish Date

These two are shaping up to win the Couple of the Year Award — Worst Couple of the Year, that is.

Aric Keck, 51, and his girlfriend, 26-year-old Jacqueline Tabb, are in hot water after allegedly leaving Keck's 6-year-old son in a locked car for over 30 minutes so they could finish their date.

The pair apparently first brought the boy into Kona Grill, in Alpharetta, Georgia, to dine with them, but at some point during the date, Tabb reportedly escorted the boy back out to the car.

She then locked the boy in and left to return to the eatery, over a block away, Daily Mail reports.

Police reports indicate the 6-year-old boy had the good sense to call his mother, who called the police. For weeks, Keck maintained the boy was only left in the car for a few minutes.

However, security footage seems to tell a different story.

The AJC reports on August 10, nearly a month after the incident occurred, Keck and Tabb both turned themselves in and were charged with reckless conduct. It is not clear if they will be fined or further punished in any way.

Keck, Tabb and the boy's mother have not responded to any media requests for comment at this time.

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