Pornhub Apparel

Fashion Week Gone Wild: Pornhub Is Dropping Its Own Clothing Line

Thanks to a new high-end fashion line, you can show your allegiance to Pornhub... outside of your bedroom... at 2 am… with the doors locked… and your headphones plugged in… aggressively trying to not make any noise.

Pornhub officially launched a clothing line this week called Pornhub Apparel, a high-end fashion line for users who want to show the whole world they not only watch porn, but they also have disposable incomes to spend on $30 t-shirts.

What's great about the clothing line is you can wear it to a job interview or a wedding or synagogue. The designs are THAT dynamic.

OK, for real, though. These shirts do look pretty good.

Pornhub Apparel's first launch features hats, shirts and hoodies.

In a press release, Pornhub Apparel said the line includes "concepts from four acclaimed New York-based graffiti artists and designers hailing from all corners of the Big Apple."

It continued,

Bronx-based Ces and Cope2 each contributed designs exuding the very essence of the Bronx tagging scene, evoking new age art form with 'Beat Street' era grittiness, while artists Kalen Hollomon, and Baron Von Fancy bring a more refined, high concept style to proceedings with their own subversive designs aimed at evoking their signature artistic trademarks. Hollomon was most recently commissioned to create the album art for The Weeknd's newest album, Beauty Behind the Madness.

In the release, Baron Von Fancy was quoted as saying,

Of all the collaborations I've done, making something for Pornhub was truly a (wet) dream come true.

Nice. Real nice, Mr. Von Fancy.

The release also noted Pornhub Apparel was launched to coincide with New York Fashion Week.

Pornhub might be going through a small identity crisis, though.

The clothing line launch comes just days after Pornhub said it would be starting a $25,000 scholarship fund for one lucky student to use on a college education.

A clothing line? Random philanthropy? Who are you, Pornhub?

You don't need to prove yourself to us. We love you the way you are.

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