Balloon Released At Father's Grave Made Its Way Back To Family's Home

Most days, spooky, unexplained phenomena remain fodder for 90s supernatural dramas starring David Duchovny's very beautiful face and Gillian Anderson's very professional pantsuits.

This past Father's Day, however, Oklahoma widow Sandy Seibold and her teenage daughter, Saige, experienced their own episode of an unexplained phenomenon when the two women let a fateful balloon bearing a handwritten note fly from the grave of their dearly missed husband and father, Johnny.

After releasing several note-bearing balloons, the Seibold ladies made the 25-mile drive from Johnny's grave to their home in Cement, Oklahoma.

Once home, Saige walked along the barbed-wire fence bordering their pasture, and she allegedly found the note she fastened to a balloon just a few hours earlier tangled in the fence.

In an interview with KFOR, Sandy said,

What are the chances? I think I started crying because it was just like it was a message from him. It has given us a lot of peace.

Of all of the possible responses the Seibold family could have received from their airborne letters, this may be the most inspiring.

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