Find Out The Status Of Friends In Paris Using Facebook's Safety Check

by Kendall Wood

Social media has shown its worth this evening, first helping people stranded on the streets of Paris to find safe shelter with #PorteOuverte and, now, via the Facebook Safety Check.

The social media platform's feature has been customized so users in Paris can let friends know they are safe.

Those on the ground in Paris are receiving notifications via Facebook's mobile app asking whether they are safe and if the app should search for the whereabouts of any other Facebook friends.

Both the app and website are providing users with updates on their friends who are located in and around the city.

This is not the first time the social media powerhouse has ignited the safety check, however, as it first launched at the time of the Nepal earthquake in April 2015.

The feature is becoming increasingly important in times of crisis to helping friends and loved ones keep track of one another's safety.

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