Experts Say There Could Be An iPhone 8 Shortage, So Good Luck Getting One


Purchasing a shiny new iPhone 8 this fall might be a little harder than we thought.

Experts predict the device will only be available in small quantities when it's released in September due to a more complicated manufacturing process.

(You can thank all the cool new features for that.)

Even if you plan on pre-ordering the phone, you're almost bound to wait multiple weeks for the device to arrive at your doorstep because of the high demand limited supply.

Imran Taylor

Researchers from Barclays — Blayne Curtis, Christopher Hemmelgarn, Thomas O'Malley and Jerry Zhang — informed MacRumors about their prediction.

They believe a majority of iPhone 8's will be available in the fourth quarter rather than immediately.

An excerpt from a research note provided by Barclays says,

Suppliers generally had good things to say about the upcoming iPhone 8 launch (for our purposes iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone Pro) as new features drive a more complicated manufacturing process and higher ASPs. We now believe that all three devices will feature wireless charging and will all be launched in the normal September timeframe, although the majority of iPhone Pro volumes may not be available until Q4.

Based on recent reports about the iPhone 8's extensive features, there's no wonder it's going to take a little more time and effort to produce.

As quoted by Barclays, the device — which has been dubbed iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition and iPhone Pro — is rumored to have wireless charging.

It's been reported by Business Insider the device will feature a separate charging component. However, it will most likely be sold separately.

Thadeu Brandao

The iPhone 8 is also getting rid of the home button and adding a "function area" with virtual buttons instead (this might be alarming if you're someone who cracks their screen on the reg — be careful).

Speaking of being careful, whoever owns this iPhone better cherish it because it's going to cost at least $1,000.

So, yeah. If you've been saving up for the greatest iPhone yet, make sure you're prepared to pounce on a pre-order before they're sold out.

It'd be a bummer if you saved up and had to wait a few months to actually receive one.


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