iPhone 8 May Have New Way We Receive Text Notifications

There are still nine months before the iPhone 8 is released, but gossip about the new phone is already heating up.

Judging by these concept pictures, it could be the biggest makeover Apple has given the iPhone in years.

Artist Imran Taylor from the Philippines has imagined how the new device will look, taking all of these rumors into account. His vision includes a brand-new way of receiving and opening message notifications — via a touch-sensitive home button.

Imran Taylor

With Android and Google catching up (and some might say overtaking) Apple in recent years, this possible design would be the first time in a while the phone has had such an overhaul.

Frankly, it looks pretty gorgeous.

Imran Taylor

If this prediction is close to the final version, a big change would be the way we access notifications.

The device includes a touch-sensitive home button, which can do a lot more than it currently does on the iPhone 7. By swiping in certain directions when your friends start hitting you up, you can get quick access to your apps or notifications when the screen is off.

Imran Taylor

So what else could be new with the iPhone 8?

Rumors include a dual-lens camera, augmented reality, a curved screen and facial recognition. But one possibility that appears to have the most traction is Apple ditching aluminum casing to return to a glass and stainless steel design.

Imran Taylor

Of course, it's going to be a while until Apple releases the 8.

Taking into account the immense amount of speculation and rumors before the release of the iPhone 7, we won't be getting any answers for a while. So be prepared for shady leaks from random countries, blurry photos and unconfirmed reports.

However, many of the iPhone 7 leaks actually proved to be correct after all, such as the new design of the home button that made it, well, not a button.

BTW, Apple, if you're reading this, can we just have better battery life? Please?!

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