Eggo's new Belgian waffles don't even require a toaster.

Eggo Released A Belgian-Style Waffle You Don’t Even Need To Cook In A Toaster

They’re ready to go when you are.

Courtesy of Eggo

Get ready to say goodbye to your toaster and never look back. On April 12, Eggo announced the launch of the new Grab & Go Liège-Style Waffle, and you don’t even need a toaster to heat them up (!). Plus, with their individual packaging and handheld size, Eggo’s new Belgian waffles make for the ideal on-the-go bite — and they’re freeing up space on your counter tops, too.

IYDK, Liège waffles originated in Belgium, and are made with dough that contains pieces of pearl sugar to create a caramelized crust. Grabbing inspiration from the Belgian street food staple, Eggo’s new Grab & Go Liège-Style Waffles are prepared with golden brioche dough and pearl sugar for that quality Belgian bistro feel, and they’re ready to go when you are (well, if when you’re ready to eat it is an hour after taking out of the fridge). You don’t even have to add any toppings, because the waffles already come in two classic waffle-topping flavors: Strawberry and Buttery Maple.

Like many Eggo products, the Liège-Style waffles can be found in the freezer aisle, but that’s about where the similarities end. Unlike the company’s other breakfast essentials, these pastries mark Eggo’s first-ever waffles that don’t require a toaster, which means they can be served at room temperature after thawing for an hour. They’re also individually wrapped, so you can pack a Belgian-style waffle before your morning commute and enjoy your breakfast delight when you get to your destination.

Courtesy of Egoo

But just because these waffles don’t need a toaster, it doesn’t mean you can’t speed up the process with one. Not everyone has an hour-long commute (or can hold off on breakfast for that long), so if you’re running late, you can always toss one in the toaster and get those Belgian vibes in way less than 60 minutes.

The handheld delicacies are rolling out in nationwide in stores like Target and Walmart throughout April, and they can be found in a 4-pack for suggested retail price of $5.99, or a 12-pack for around $12.99.

If you’re looking for even more waffle-flavored pastries to enjoy on-the-go (who isn’t?), Eggo teamed up with Pop-Tarts in December 2021 to create a maple frosted-flavored Pop-Tart, and it actually tastes like the OG waffle, y’all.

And hey, if you find you have a new go-to breakfast with Eggo’s Liège-style waffles, you’ll even save some counter space by giving your toaster a break. Before running to the store to score a box, make sure to check CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.