The E. Coli Outbreak At Chipotle Is Finally Over, According To The CDC

Praise Jesus, Chipotle burritos are finally safe to eat again! I mean, besides the whole massive amount of calories and cholesterol thing!!!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially stated the E. coli outbreak in the Mexican-food chain "appears to be over," according to a report from CNN Money.

The CDC still isn't sure what caused the outbreaks, though it sites "a common meal item or ingredient" as the likely culprit.

So... it was the chicken, right? It was definitely the chicken's fault. #TeamSteak.

It's been about three months since Chipotle first started closing locations in the Pacific Northwest due to multiple cases of customers becoming sick from the food, with some people even hospitalized.

More than 60 customers were reportedly affected by the E. coli outbreaks, in up to 14 different states.

No new cases have been reported since December 1, so though the CDC can't guarantee the outbreak is over without knowing the exact cause, it's pretty sure the outbreak is done.

So rejoice, burrito-lovers everywhere! I think this has been a hard few months for all of us, not knowing if we could even trust a burrito anymore.

This announcement came not a moment too soon for Chipotle, which saw sales plummet as the news of the outbreak spread.

I mean, even I reduced my Chipotle visits to only once a week after I heard the news. (What? I need my burrito fix.) Thank God it will only be unhealthy for all the usual reasons once again.

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