Jesse Morrow

Drunk Guy Dies After Friends Throw Him Outside For Snoring

In case you were feeling a little too happy with the holiday season that's upon us, here is a sad story to level you out.

When their friend got drunk, two men decided to do the most unfriendly thing I can think of: They stripped him naked and then brought him outside in the cold because he was apparently snoring too loudly.

Now, their friend is dead since temperatures reached around 37 degrees Fahrenheit that night.

First of all, how about you don't touch your friend when they're passed out? Secondly, why would you dump him outside in the near freezing cold when he was naked? WHY, GOD, WHY?

This all went down in Seine-Saint-Denis, which is in the northern suburbs of Paris.

These two are now facing charges of manslaughter and failing to rescue someone in need.

According to a judicial source, the victim "who had drunk more than the others" at the small gathering of five people, "suddenly fell into a deep and unconscious sleep."

Honestly, who hasn't been in this position after having a few drinks too many? I cannot believe that someone's friends would do this to anyone.

You know what, this actually makes me thankful for my buddies who would probably give me a blanket and a warm bed instead.



The four others claim they stripped him naked to prevent him from trying to drive home drunk later, according to the source. As for whatever they drew on his face? They claim to have done that just "for laughs."


After two of the friends left, the two men who now face charges took their drunk friend outside into the building's courtyard after they were "annoyed" by his snoring.

Once again, this was a completely avoidable tragedy. My heart goes out to this poor, unfortunate guy.

Seriously, 2016 just needs to end now.


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