Dude Stops At Drive-Thru While Being Chased By Cops

This isn't even that bad of an idea...

Think about it... You're bound to get caught by the police anyway and probably going to be in custody for a decent amount of time, so you might as well grab yourself a cheeseburger and some animal-style fries.

I know I would. In-N-Out is delicious.


A suspect on the run in Phoenix, identified as Josh Adkins, lead local police on a car chase that also featured a In-N-Out drive-thru.

Adkins had outstanding warrants out for his arrest, but it was when he failed to pull over that police started to pursue his white pickup truck.

And -- side note -- being called "outstanding" is great, but just slap "warrants" after it and suddenly you're the bad guy? Come on.

Adkins avoided the police and then went to order some food.

However, the food must have taken too long (fast food, my ass, right? Haha) and Adkins was forced to take off before his food was delivered to him through the window.

Adkins drove for several more minutes before he left his vehicle and ran into a backyard.

I assume he was going back to grab his food without his truck so police wouldn't spot him.

However, law enforcement shined their helicopter lights on him in the backyard.

It is there that he surrendered to police.

Pray tell, does this look like the face of a man who regrets his decision to get In-N-Out?


To be honest... yeah, I guess it does.

I never thought I would witness someone who deeply regretted stopping for a cheeseburger from the best fast food joint in the world...

Adkins was arrested and booked for his outstanding warrants and unlawful flight from law enforcement.

But guys, I think this is all just one big misunderstanding. Maybe the police and Adkins can discuss this over a Neapolitan milk shake?

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