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Here's why you don't have Snapchat's Year End Story for a review of your 2021 on the app.

Here’s Why Your 2021 Snapchat Year In Review Is Missing

You might want to start using Memories next year.

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It’s that time of year again — no, not the holidays. It’s time for Snapchat’s Year End Story to take you down memory lane with a review of the past year before 2021 is over. All the moments shared with your pets, the day trips you took with your besties, and the laughs that made 2021 so amazing have finally been wrapped into one special memory. Unfortunately, not all Snapchatters have a Year In Review. If you’re one of the unlucky few who’s been left wondering why you don’t have a review of your 2021 in Snapchat’s Year End Story, you’ll probably want to make some adjustments to your Snap game for next year.

Starting Dec. 14, Snapchatters get to say goodbye to 2021 a little early with the Year End Story. If you’ve been using Snapchat for a while, you know it’s the app’s annual review of all the fun you had on Snapchat in the past year — but it all depends on how you use the app. Not everyone gets the end-of-year send off automatically, though. According to Snap, if you don’t have you very own Year End Story for 2021, it’s because you’re either new to Snapchat, or you didn’t save enough Snaps in Memories.

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If you didn’t know, Snapchat creates your year-end retrospective by piecing together all the Snaps (videos and pictures) taken throughout the year that have also been saved to your Memories. So, if there’s not enough content saved, then there’s not going to be enough footage to create a Year In Review. Simple as that. *Makes note to save all Snaps to Memories.*

To check if your Year In Review came through, open the Snapchat app, go to the camera, and swipe up to Memories. If you saved enough Memories in 2021, your Year End Story will be waiting for you right there. (Pro tip: Make sure to update your app if you think you have enough Memories but still don’t see a Year End Story.)

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If you did get the year-end wrap up, you can share yours on your story for everyone to see. If you didn’t, you’ll have to live through your besties’ Year End Stories and plan all the Snaps you’ll take in 2022.