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Donald Trump Addressed The 'Haters And Losers' In A Deleted 9/11 Tweet


Earlier today, Donald Trump's Twitter account deleted a mean-spirited tweet he sent on 9/11 two years ago.

The manual retweet of the post, however, is still currently live.

Politico contacted a Trump spokeswoman about the tweet. She responded,

In the midst of seemingly continuous controversy surrounding him and the Trump family, Donald Trump recently became the first Republican presidential candidate to earn a support rating of over 30 percent, according to a new CNN/ORNC poll.

CNN reports despite his condescending rhetoric, Trump's support from voters went up by eight points since August. The newly emerged tweet, though, was not so well received.

Several Twitter users perfectly explained what the tweet said about Trump.

Some were so shocked at the callousness they didn't believe the tweet was real.

But, at least two users were touched Trump had them in his heart on this emotional day.

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