Donald Trump Jr.'s Latest Twitter Follow Is Seriously Alarming


In the wake of the horrific shooting in Dallas last night, during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest that left five police officers dead, many are using this tragedy to essentially do their best to start a race war.

Case in point? Joe Walsh, a former Illinois Congressman, tweeted this open threat against the president of the United States:


This tweet was immediately met with shock and criticism from every direction, especially after the Dallas police chief explained that the shooter wasn't affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement in any way whatsoever.

Apparently, however, Joe Walsh thought that statement was a conspiracy between Obama and the Dallas police. Or at least, I think that's what he means by this bizarre follow up tweet:

My response to this is best summed up by this man's eloquent words:

And, as John Legend put it,

Joe Walsh deleted his original war cry tweet after realizing that threatening to go to war on the president of the United States of America is – you know – illegal. But in the fallout from his statement, he gained one interesting new follower on Twitter.

Yup, Donald Trump Jr. was quite impressed by Joe Walsh's call to arms for – essentially – a race war. Let me now take a moment to remind you that this is the son of our possible next president.


And yes, Donald Trump's son was named in exactly the same way Donald Trump names his buildings and his steaks: after himself.

If you don't know what he looks like, here is a picture of him:


Take a good look. We might have to get used to that.