This 13-Year-Old Absolutely Owned Donald Trump With One Epic Joke

It says a lot about your character when a teenager who isn't even old enough to drive can rip you to shreds with a single joke.

On Tuesday's episode of "America's Got Talent," Lori Mae Hernandez, a 13-year-old stand-up comic, delivered an epic joke about Donald Trump that had the crowd roaring with laughter. It even led to a standing ovation.

Hernandez got into stand-up comedy several years ago, when her father was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, a form of temporary facial paralysis that made it difficult for him to smile. She just wanted to make her dad laugh.

It turns out she has a knack for making a whole lot of people laugh. Her skills were definitely on display on Tuesday.

Without giving away the punchline, Hernandez's joke touches on Trump's qualifications – or lack thereof – to be president.

This young lady definitely has a future in comedy, and perhaps even politics. It's impressive to see someone her age go onstage and deliver such a deep burn against a man who has the habit of going on Twitter rants whenever he's insulted.

Hernandez is incredibly brave and funny, and – as she notes – she's not even in high school yet.

Watch the full clip above.