People Are Using Marijuana Edibles To Treat Their Dogs

Have you ever wondered what to do when you know a thunderstorm is coming and you also know that your dog is going to freak the hell out as soon as it hits?

The answer, my friend, might just be marijuana.

Companies — such as Austin and Kat, Therabis and Treatibles — have been popping up recently and basically sell edibles... for dogs.

OK, well, they're not exactly the kind of edibles you're thinking about.

First of all, they're not brownies. They are simply biscuit treats for dogs that are laced.

The treats do not have THC in them, which is what gives you the high. Instead, they have cannabidiol (CBD), which is a chemical in the marijuana plant.

Bloomberg reported that the CBD dog treat industry is booming. Over the past two years, sales of CBD pet products doubled across the country.

This is just one portion of the successful marijuana industry, which has been growing massively as more states legalize weed.

CBD has not been approved for use in animals by the Food and Drug Administration, but these businesses are getting away with it somehow.

The research on CBD's usefulness for dogs is limited, but people from pet owners to veterinarians say it's an effective way to treat a variety of dog ailments.

These treats are supposed to be used for dogs in pretty much the same way that medical marijuana is used for humans.

Gary Richter, a vet, told Bloomberg,

A lot of what we're using is extrapolated data from humans, as well as just real world experience on what works.

If a dog is overactive, anxious or has painful medical problems, marijuana treats can be used to potentially help them calm down and feel better.

To be totally clear about this, I'm not telling you to give your dog the same kind of pot brownie you would eat or, obviously, to try and make your dog light up along with you.

These are very different products specifically designed to help treat dogs. Don't be stupid about it.

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