Dog Has The Most Adorable Reaction To Learning She Doesn’t Have Cancer (Video)

This is one of those feel-good videos that’ll make your day.

Lily, a sweet golden retriever, had fallen sick overnight. Her owner, YouTuber Mrs. Makai, took the pup to the vet and received news no pet parent ever wants to hear: Lily had a tumor, and it was most likely cancer.

Without surgery, Lily only had hours to live.

Even with surgery, she’d likely have just a few weeks — the only way she’d live longer is if the six-pound tumor they’d found was benign.

In over 20 years, the vet had never seen a single similar case end happily: It was always cancer. Still, Mrs. Makai emptied her bank account and paid for the surgery, praying for good news.

Watch the video to find out how Lily’s story ends. I promise you won’t be sorry.