This Savage Dog Chased Bears Out Of Its Neighborhood Like A Total Boss

by John Haltiwanger

There's almost nothing better than when a story involving an animal chase goes viral for all of us to enjoy.

Remember those llamas in Arizona? They were the best!

Now we have an entirely new animal chase story, and it involves bears and a dog who clearly isn't afraid of anything.

During an election year, when news can be very stressful, this is quite a treat.

Here's how it all went down:

A family of bears wandered into a neighborhood in Pasadena and had an amazing time.

They swam.

And they dined on the finest dumpster cuisine.

But a local dog was not about that bear life, and wanted them off its turf.

America is in love with this brave little dog who DGAF and chases bears.

What did you do today? I bet you didn't chase any bears.

With that said, I would advise you not to actively go looking for bears. We can't all be as cool as this fearless, yet adorable, canine.

But I think we can all agree life is a lot better when a dog chasing bears is one of the biggest news stories of the day.