A Deer And Rabbit Played Together, And It's Basically Just 'Bambi' IRL

Will animals of the Internet ever cease to squeeze our hearts so tightly we cannot breathe or speak or do anything, really, except click on "like" and "share?"


In the world of adorable Internet animals, a fawn and a rabbit are inadvertently reenacting everyone's favorite scenes from "Bambi."

The YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park Center, Colorado caught the pair -- now aptly dubbed “Bambi and Thumper” -- on video bouncing, spinning and being goofy idiots in ways only very best friends can.

According to CBS News, the play date was not a one-time thing, since staffers claim to have previously seen the duo out and about.

I just hope Thumper can help Bambi steer clear of open meadows.

Fawn and Bunny PlaytimeWe guarantee this video will brighten your day! Taken at the Lula W. Dorsey Museum at Estes Park Center.Thanks to Steve and Vicky Johnsen, volunteers at the Estes Park Center, for capturing this adorable moment! Posted by YMCA of the Rockies on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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