Man Posts Vile Pic Of Deep-Fried Lizard Found In McDonald's Meal


McDonald's has some explaining to do.

If you're a diehard fry lover, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a fast-food nightmare.

On February 28, Priyanka Moitra and her daughter took a trip to a McDonald's in Kolkata, India, where they found a deep-fried lizard nuzzled in their fries, Times of India reports.

When her daughter made the gruesome discovery inside her salty snack, pregnant Priyanka became sick and grew concerned for her family's health.

The horrified mother immediately went to the store's manager to report the issue, but was taken aback by his carelessness toward the situation.

Priyanka said,

When I told the outlet manager about the incident, he showed a careless attitude and left with just a sorry.

Um... if I found a reptile in my McDonald's, I'd definitely expect more than a "sorry."

After the manager took little to no action about the fried lizard, Priyanka snapped a photo and allegedly filed an FIR at the Phulbagan Police Station reporting the McDonald's that served her.

Her husband, Sanjay Samay, became enraged by the situation and contacted the manager himself, but he insisted he could not comment on the case because he wasn't authorized to do so. He tweeted the photo of the not-so Happy Meal.

After McDonald's found out about the incident, the company expressed it is not taking this lightly.


A McDonald's official from Delhi named Raja Mani commented on the fried lizard and said,

We take all reports of this nature very seriously and investigate them thoroughly.

McDonald's India commented on the situation further with Mashable:

We are taking the situation seriously. Immediately upon being made aware of the complaint, we launched a thorough investigation in an effort to gather the facts of the matter. It is still on-going.

Apparently, officials from Food Safety Authority came to the restaurant, inspected their kitchen and gave permission to re-open the fast-food joint.

However, it's safe to say Priyanka and her family won't be going back anytime soon.

Priyanka's husband added,

I'm shocked! I'm concerned about my family's health. My wife is pregnant. How can McDonald's be so careless?

I'd be just as disgusted if I happened to be in that situation.

I'd be depressed, too, because I don't think I'd be able to eat french fries the same way again.

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