Finally! There's Going To Be A Dating App For Netflix Binge Watchers

Finally, the most relevant dating app for our generation is in the works.

Netfling is a dating app that allows you to stay on your couch and stop pretending like you love going to museums.

According to the app's Facebook page,

Based on your movies and series taste, Netfling pairs you with the beautiful stranger you haven't met yet, but definitely want to share popcorn with.

I don't know about you guys, but that sounds like everything I've ever wanted.

How romantic would it be to fall in love with someone while watching Rory Gilmore fall in love with Dean Forester?

Wouldn't it be adorable to giggle along to the entire series of "Parks and Recreation"?

Haven't you always wanted to snuggle up next to someone during the emotional parts of "Grey's Anatomy"?

Of course, you have! So you should definitely download this app as soon as it's available, and embrace the best kind of love.

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