Dairy Queen's new Mint Brownie Blizzard has Shamrock Shake vibes.

Dairy Queen's New Mint Brownie Blizzard Is Like A Chocolatey Shamrock Shake

Meet your new minty, chocolatey obsession.

by Daffany Chan
Dairy Queen

Though you’re probably gearing up for Valentine’s Day, another big holiday will be here soon enough: St. Patrick’s Day. Thankfully, you can kick off your St. Patty’s celebration with Dairy Queen’s new Mint Brownie Blizzard, which is a decadent treat featuring actual brownie pieces and refreshing cool mint. This mint-and-chocolate combo will seriously remind you of McDonald’s iconic Shamrock Shake, but with a fudge-y twist.

Dairy Queen’s new Mint Brownie Blizzard Treat officially dropped on Thursday, Feb. 3, which gives fans across the country plenty of time to ring in St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday, March 17 with the green dessert. If you usually get in the St. Patty’s Day spirit with a classic holiday treat (like McDonald’s fan-favorite Shamrock Shake), you’ll certainly want to check out Dairy Queen’s new offering. After all, Dairy Queen’s Mint Brownie Blizzard has a similar minty flavor, and features a blend of chocolatey brownie bits, mint, and of course, DQ’s vanilla soft serve. The result is a sweet concoction that could seriously rival the Shamrock Shake — and it’ll look so festive on your IG feed.

If you’re ready to get a taste of Dairy Queen’s new St. Patty’s Day treat, you can order a Mint Brownie Blizzard at nationwide Dairy Queen locations, while supplies last. It’ll cost you around $3.99 for a small Blizzard Treat, depending on the location.

For even more Shamrock vibes this season, you can also snag Dairy Queen’s Mint Chip Shake, which is officially back for St. Patrick’s Day 2022. The minty goodness, which debuted in 2019, features a combo of mint, choco confetti chips, Dairy Queen’s vanilla soft serve, and milk. The sweet shake will certainly fire up your taste buds. You can purchase a small shake for $3.20, but it’s only available for a limited time, while supplies last.

Dairy Queen

Before you head out to Dairy Queen to kick off your St. Patty’s Day festivities with the new Mint Brownie Blizzard Treat and returning Mint Chip Shake, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.