This Dad Explaining The Paris Attacks To His Son Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

This little boy realizing France's most powerful weapon against terror is love will melt your heart.

How do you even begin to explain the attacks on Paris to children?

It's hard for adults to grasp the concept of murder done strictly for reasons of fear mongering and hate, but when it comes to children who barely understand what either means, it's nearly impossible to relate to them what happened.

It's like trying to explain what the color of a flower is to someone who is blind. A child's view on the world has no base understanding of what pure anger is yet.

The biggest issue with this is if you can't explain the terror attack to kids, how do you instill feelings of safety? How do you keep them alert but not afraid of being attacked by forces they don't understand?

Le Petit Journal recorded one father's explanation to his son about the attacks and how France will thrive because of love, and it is perfect and absolutely heartwarming.

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