Temple University Mob Attack Leads To Several Injured


A father has written an angry Facebook post after what he called "sick animals" held his daughter down and repeatedly kicked her as part of a savage mob attack around Temple University campus in Philadelphia.

Christina Lauletta was one of seven people who were badly hurt by the pack of 20 to 30 teenagers carrying out a string of random attacks on Friday night.

Christina's father, Joe, reported his daughter was attacked by "30-40 black teenagers"; however, at this time, there is no indication these crimes are motivated by race or were committed by a racially-homogenous horde of people.

And while Joe and his daughter are obviously and rightfully distraught, it's important not to conflate a specific act of violence with an entire race of people.

So far, four teenagers have been arrested, including a 15-year-old boy who punched a police horse in the face.


Joe expressed his anger on social media after receiving a terrifying phone call from his daughter. She had to spend the night in the ER after the attack.

He wrote on Facebook,


He added,

The mob was organized via Instagram, reports Philly.com.

A police officer was also injured that night. He was thrown to the ground by a teenager.


Another female student was also hurt in the fray; she was attacked while walking with her boyfriend.

Temple campus safety director Charles Leone told WPVI  people were picked at random.

He added,

A number of charges have been filed against those arrested.

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