New Dad Chugs Entire Bottle Of Tequila For Cash Prize And Immediately Dies


A dangerous bet went terribly wrong at a night club in the Dominican Republic after a man chugged an entire bottle of tequila for a hefty cash prize.

Kelvin Rafael Mejia was offered $840 if he could drink the entire bottle of booze without stopping, so he took the bet and gulped the liquor.

Moments after finishing the bet and accepting his money, Kelvin collapsed and died from alcohol poisoning, The Mirror reports.


The 23-year-old man -- who became a father one month ago -- was filmed on stage by a club-goer as he chugged the alcohol and accepted the cash.

While he was downing the tequila, the entire crowd at the nightclub cheered for him as he raised his arms to celebrate his short-lived victory.


Moments later, as a bystander handed him the money on stage, Kelvin appeared to be slowly hunching over.


The video then cuts to the scary moment where Kelvin is lifelessly lying on the ground while those around him try to hold him up from his arms.

It's been reported the new father was rushed to Coral, a nearby clinic, and was unable to be saved by the doctors.

After Kelvin's death, people allegedly began blaming Vacca Lounge for organizing the deadly bet that took place at the nightclub.

As a result of the accusations, the club's management released a statement confirming they had nothing to do with the game in which Kelvin took part.

The statement said,

We have received the sad news that a client who was in our disco pub died of alcoholic intoxication. It is very sad and it affects us personally. On the other hand, we publish this press statement because there are people saying that the young man participated in a contest organized by our disco pub but this is totally false as we have never organized this kind of contest or given cash as a prize.

After saying the only contests the club hosts are ones relating to dancing and costumes, the club's management stated,

This thing happened because some clients were betting money about who of them was able to drink more tequila. A young man approached them and said that he was going to drink it and then he would receive the money.

Apparently, Kelvin was described as a "healthy, very friendly young man," by local media, and I'm sure he will be sorely missed by family and friends.

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