Airbnb Guests Ruin Couple's Wedding Night By Having Orgy In Their Home

A couple's wedding night erupted into chaos when Airbnb renters reportedly had an orgy in their apartment.

Justine Smith and Francisco Peres planned a small wedding with less than 20 guests on New Year's Eve, according to BuzzFeed.

They often have two rooms in their Montreal apartment available for rent on Airbnb and forgot to take the rooms off the site for their wedding night.

Smith called the Ottawa couple who booked the room for that night and explained the mistake, but the two renters, both in their early 20s, told her at that point, it would be close to impossible to find another place to crash on New Year's Eve.

The renters reportedly assured Smith they would be "super chill."

Smith told BuzzFeed she allowed the couple to stay because they needed the money and already rented out another room in their apartment to another person that night.

The Ottawa couple was out when the newlyweds returned from the wedding about 2:30 am.

They went to bed around this time, but Smith said they soon heard the renters return and the sounds of people cutting and snorting cocaine.

She said,

We didn't want to go, 'Hey can you not do that?' It just didn't seem worth the hassle.

Soon after, she heard people having sex on their couch.

The next morning, Smith walked out to the living room to find empty cocaine baggies on a glass table and two naked people on her couch, one of whom apparently wished Smith a happy new year.

Smith knocked on the bedroom being rented by the Ottawa couple and found them in bed with another person.

The renters likely did not plan the orgy, she concluded.

Smith told BuzzFeed,

They said things got out of hand. We're not even sure what their relationship was to the other people, whether they were friends or just people they met while they were out.

The renters, along with their three friends, then cleaned the apartment and took out the garbage.

A rug in the living room, however, could not be salvaged because it became what Smith called a "cum-caked carpet."

The Ottawa couple was gone by 11 am on New Year's Day, but they left behind this handwritten note:

Letter we got from our airbnb guests who had a coke-fuelled orgy in our living room on our wedding night — Justine A. Smith (@redroomrantings) January 2, 2016

Airbnb since offered to buy the newlyweds a new rug, pay for whatever additional cleaning the apartment needs and even compensate them for their three extra guests.

Smith said she is no longer angry at the renters and is actually happy to "have a great wedding story for the rest of my life."

Her apartment was given a five-star rating on Airbnb by the Ottawa couple.

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