Couple Gets Married For The Second Time After Wife Loses Her Memory (Photos)

After a near-fatal car crash left his wife unable to remember their recent nuptials, one incredible husband managed to recreate the special day exactly one year later.

High school sweethearts Jeremy and Justice Stamper were married for only 19 days when the accident occurred.

Justice was stopped at an intersection when another driver, failing to see the red light, rear-ended her at nearly 50 miles per hour.

Miraculously, Justice survived, but her memories did not; she could remember little of what happened in the month prior to the crash.

One of the memories lost was her wedding day.

When Jeremy learned of his wife's amnesia, he immediately got to work on planning a second wedding, and he enlisted friends and strangers alike to help make the ceremony happen.

Jeremy told TODAY,

I picked up the phone, and in about ten minutes, I had the entire wedding, just about everything, donated.

The couple raised more than $9,000 in cash donations, and local businesses provided nearly everything needed for the ceremony including a gorgeous new dress for the bride.

On August 1, exactly one year after their first wedding, the loving couple tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Virginia's Hungry Mother State Park.

Friends, family and donors joined to celebrate the pair's love. And even though it was their second time, it was every bit as special as the first.

Check out some pictures from the ceremony below.

Justice and Jeremy Stamper met as children in Sunday school.

They started dating when they were young...

...and have been together ever since.

Jeremy first proposed to Justice in September 2012....

...and they got married -- for the first time -- in August 2014.

But after Justice lost all recollection of the big day, the high school sweethearts decided to marry a second time.

Their second wedding was nothing short of perfection...

...and was every bit as magical as it was the first time around.

The nuptials took place on the couple's one-year wedding anniversary.

And for Justice, it was a dream come true.

She's lucky enough to have gotten a second chance at life...

...and even luckier to have a husband as thoughtful and loving as Jeremy.

I have a feeling they'll both remember this special day forever.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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