Couple Arrested For Having Oral Sex In Public As Their Kids Watched

So Parents-of-the-Year award winners Akeela Ali and Fahad Bilal just got in big trouble for going to third base in a London mall while their two children looked on.

The couple from South Wales has now been banned from returning to London for two months.

Basically, the British government grounded them. I didn't know that was a punishment that could even happen.

Now look, yes, we all understand malls are the most romantic places in the world, but we keep ourselves in check. Unfortunately, the couple in question couldn't help themselves when they started kissing on a couch by the sexy elevators.

“It just happened,” they reportedly explained bluntly in court yesterday. Sure.

The story is this: They let their kids go play while Akeela Ali went down on her husband, and they apparently didn't stop the sex act even when the kids returned and interrupted them.

Supposedly, once their kids arrived, they “thought about stopping,” but they didn't do that at all.

Luckily no other children, or adults for that matter, were there to witness the blowjob, but a CCTV camera reportedly caught the event in full.

In her defense, Akeela Ali said her hormones were "everywhere” because, oh I forgot to mention, she's also pregnant. Man, these two love having sex.

Mercifully, their kids are only 3 and 5, which means there is a small chance they just thought their mom was vigorously cleaning a stain on, uh, their father's penis. But, yeah, I'm not holding my breath.

Personally, I think “you can't come back to London for eight weeks” is pretty light punishment for what happened, but, hey, what do I know? I'm not a parent.

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