Couple Left Their Baby On A Sidewalk To Go And Take Shots At A Bar

OK, when people decide to get wasted, they gotta stop leaving their kids all over the place.

A Florida couple face child abuse and child neglect charges after they allegedly left their 3-month-old child on the sidewalk while they went into a bar to get their drink on.

When Amy Schafer and Antonio Nieves showed up to O'Malley's Sports Bar early Tuesday morning, they were told they couldn't bring their child into the bar -- you know, because it's a bar and such.

A resourceful duo, the couple allegedly decided, in lieu of leaving the bar or getting a babysitter, to just put the baby in a car carrier outside of O'Malley's and let the streets watch over the child.

After a couple hours of drinking, periodically checking on their child and then drinking again, Nieves and Schafer got fairly drunk and were kicked out of the bar for allegedly starting to fight.

The pair went home and reportedly continued to fight. Police were called, and Nieves and Schafer were arrested.

Both are now being held at Broward County Jail and face child neglect charges. Antonio Nieves also faces a domestic battery charge after he allegedly hit Schafer while they were entering their home.

The baby is currently under the care of Florida's Department of Children and Families.

This arrest comes a few days after another Florida mother left her children in a car to go and drink inside of a Froggers Bar & Grill.

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