Reporter Interrupts Olympics Broadcast To Narrate Couple Having Sex Behind Him

by Talia Koren

We've seen a lot of drama go down in Rio during the 2016 Olympics, but I don't think anyone expected to get an eyeful of this couple enjoying a bang on the beach while cameras were rolling.

But what makes this my personal favorite moment of the Olympics so far is that BBC presenter Dan Walker had to acknowledge what was going on. He couldn't ignore it after people on social media wouldn't stop pointing out the intimate couple behind him.

The 39-year-old did his best to give viewers the PG version of the NSFW event that was unfolding. According to him, that's what people look like when "they're reading a book."

OK, Walker. They're obviously doing the farthest thing from reading.

You can see the couple on the left.

He awkwardly tells us, "It's not... It's not that."

It's not what, Dan Walker? What could it POSSIBLY be? Please tell us.

He says they won't zoom in on the action, but assures viewers, "They're reading a book."

First, he says, "It's a hug," and then he says, "They're reading a book." Get your story straight, Walker! I've never read a book like that.

He has to turn around and get a really good look at the busy couple.

And then he elaborates, "They're reading a book... in a strange pose." That would be a very interesting sex position to try.

Walker, you gave it your best shot. If you have kids, at least you'll know what to say to them if they ever walk in on you and your wife. "We were just reading a book!"

Can we talk about the other couple that walks by and pauses to check it out up close and personal?

When in Rio, amirite?

I hope this guy gets a raise. Seriously.

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