Couple Have Public Sex In Halloween Costumes On Manchester Bus


Halloween was officially sullied forever on the X43 bus from Manchester to Lancashire in the UK when a couple appeared to have sex in front of everyone.

A Twitter photo taken by a passenger shows a girl writhing around on a man's lap.

According to the witness, this guy was fumbling around with his Hallowiener before the girl's skirt rose up and they started going to town on each other.

We know.

The scarred witness described the scene in graphic detail. He said,

I got on the bus at the Moon Under Water stop in Manchester at around midnight. I was sat behind them. A group of girls in fancy dress got on and this bloke was sat on his own. This one girl with a short skirt on went over and sat on his knee. He put his hands on her. The next thing he was fiddling with his trousers and she was going up and down on top of him. They didn't even kiss each other.


He said everyone was laughing at them, and they were both wearing Halloween costumes.

The witness continued,

He had a wedding ring on. She definitely wasn't his wife with the way he was trying to pull her. He didn't do too bad. The people on the rows further behind couldn't see what they were doing. But those of us sat opposite could see. She didn't seem to [be bothered]. They didn't know everyone was watching, they thought it was a secret. They were both drunk, everyone was drunk. I don't think the bus driver was aware of what was going on as it was upstairs.

He said the group of girls got off the bus in Burnley with the man hot on their heels.

Best. Halloween. Ever.

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