This Country Accidentally Fired A Missile At China — And It Killed Someone


Taiwan accidentally fired a "supersonic anti-ship missile" (which, to be honest, sounds like a fake thing) toward China today. And you thought you had a bad week.

What happened was this: A Taiwanese patrol boat was undergoing maintenance, and I guess one of the people cleaning it or something mistakenly pressed the "FIRE MISSILE AT CHINA" button with their elbow. (As you can tell, I'm in the military.)

The missile landed in the water between Taiwan and China, tragically killing a local fisherman and injuring three others.

As explains,

"A preliminary investigation showed that its operators have failed to follow proper procedures."

Failed to follow proper procedures? How does that even work? Is step #42 in this procedure "first arm missile and point it at China" and step #43 "then disarm missile, point it at the ground and spray it with Windex"?

To make matters worse, this all comes at a terrible time, considering that China still maintains that Taiwan is part of its territory, despite the fact Taiwan split from China after a civil war in 1949.

Get your act together Taiwan. Because accidentally firing a missile at China is like ... um ... actually, I literally can't think of anything that is more of a fuckup than firing a missile by accident. I originally was going to go with a metaphor like "it's like accidentally punching a baby in the head," but that missile could've blown up a baby, which, I think we can agree, is even worse than punching one.

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