Heroic Cops Save Driver Moments Before A Train Crashes Into His Car (Video)

A deputy pulled a driver out of his car just seconds before it was destroyed by an oncoming train.

According to the New York Daily News, San Mateo County Sheriff's Office deputies Lance Whitted and Erik Rueppel rushed to an intersection in Sunnyvale, California after hearing a car accident from a few blocks away.

At around 6:40 pm on Monday, a man in his 20s drove into the crossing guard separating the train tracks from the road.

His car got stuck under the gate and was seemingly damaged.

The man was reportedly intoxicated, so one officer had to pull the driver to safety by dragging him on the ground by his arm.

The other officer walked onto the tracks to provide a stop signal for the oncoming train.

His effort was unsuccessful, however, as the double-decker train arrived just moments after the driver was pulled to safety.

The train ravaged the car into a mangled mess that likely would have killed the driver.

Below is a video of the rescue and the crash.

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