Cop Saves Woman From Abductor After Spotting Her Mouth 'Help Me' In Back Of Car


A carjacking victim who drove for an hour with a gun to her head saved herself by mouthing “help me” at a cop car.

The woman explained how she and her husband then managed to flee their car in Atlanta, Georgia, putting an end to their terrifying ordeal.

Police eventually tracked down the suspect, who crashed the car and broke his leg in the process before coming to a stop.

The victim, who has not been named, talked to WSB-TV about the shocking incident.

She managed to gain the attention of Atlanta police captain Rick Mason, alerting him to what was going on.


She said,

I knew if he take me away from where I was, in that area, he probably hurt us. He kept saying 'We going to Union City, Riverdale. I need to get some more guns.'

Captain Mason explained he didn't initially recognize what was going on. He added,

Even though everything unfolded in a split second it was slowed down to the point where I could digest what was occurring. I was watching her to see what she was doing and she looked up, made eye contact and actually mouthed the words 'Help me.'

The woman was driving through southeast Atlanta when the man jumped in and ordered her to drive on February 28.

When she spotted the patrol car, she managed to attract the officers' attention before pulling in front of the vehicle and alerting them to the carjacking.

Dash-cam footage obtained by WSB-TV shows the moments after the suspect suffered the serious injury in a head-on crash.

The woman told the TV station she considers herself a hero, as she believes the man would have hurt more people if she hadn't acted.

Her suspicions may be correct, as police said he was responsible for a separate carjacking in Atlanta earlier that day.

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