If You're In College, There's Now A Great Excuse To Eat Chipotle Every Day

You know what'll make heading back to school a whole lot easier? FREE STUFF.

Chipotle is giving away a free drink with any entrée purchase during the entire month of September because #studentlife is the real deal.

All you education types need to do is flash your IDs and be rewarded with any soft drink or iced tea.

Chipotle has launched the promotion in the wake of tumbling sales as the company struggles to recover from the outbreak of food-related illnesses.


Chris Arnold, communications director at Chipotle, said,

It can be tough when the end of the summer collides with the reality of heading back to school. We're filling – and refilling – students' cups at all Chipotle locations to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year.

Despite his last comment, it's worth noting buried at the bottom of Chipotle's press release is a line stating free drinks are limited to one for each person, per visit.

And don't worry, Chipotle-lovers: Transactions that include the free student drink will still count toward Chiptopia, Chipotle's loyalty program.

To qualify for the free drink, you have to be in high school, be an undergraduate or graduate college student or be homeschooled.

So, go get your Chipotle on.

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