Study Shows Cleanest Stall To Use In Public Bathrooms

Choosing the right bathroom stall in a public setting is a grueling process.

You're usually faced with minor setbacks, like urine on the seat, bundles of toilet paper lodged into the bowl or a lack of privacy due to the stall's location.

One major factor in deciding which stall to use is cleanliness, because no one likes to sit down on a toilet that's covered in an assortment bodily functions.

Luckily, a study has finally been done to help us determine which stall is usually the cleanest choice — and it's definitely not the one you'd think.

According to New York Magazine, the study surveyed the habits of various bathroom goers and documented which toilets they chose when presented with three empty stalls.

The study made some interesting conclusions.

For starters, it determined women are a bit more picky about the stalls they choose than men (understandably).

Women will usually opt for the stalls furthest from the door, while men DGAF and usually use the stalls closest to it. Apparently, dudes don't care about which one they choose because they all look the same.

However, the study found most people prefer the stalls directly in the middle in most cases.

That being said, it'd probably be wise of you to avoid the middle stalls at all costs, considering the fact most people choose it over the others.

The study also shows the first stall is generally the least used, which must mean it's the cleanest.

So, next time you're frantically trying to find a clean stall in a line of dirty toilets, check the first one in line closest to the door.

The study discovered a lot of other interesting tidbits, like the fact women are more likely to duck into the men's bathroom than vice versa — because of the shorter lines — and only 2 percent of women actually sit down on the toilet in a public restroom, while the other hover over the toilet seat.

If they chose the middle stall, I definitely wouldn't blame them.

Citations: Miranda Larbi for 11 Apr 2017 1:08 pm The cleanest toilet for women is the one nearest the door (Picture: Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images) Public loos can be horrendous. Work bathrooms can be especially disgusting and make you wonder what animals you share an office with. Marathon training: tapering off the long runs There's piss everywhere. There's bog roll everywhere. Sometimes, there's sh*t and blood everywhere. What the f*ck is wrong with people? Weren't they potty trained? Well, you might not be able to move offices or avoid using the loo all day but according to New York Magazine, you can make an educated choice over which stall you use – because some are more hygienic than others. The cleanest toilet for women is the one nearest the door (Picture: John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images) Men apparently choose to use stalls closest to the door while women opt for bogs furthest from it. But they say that the first stall in a bathroom is generally the least often used and that means that it's the cleanest. How people choose their stall or urinal (According to a survey of bathroomgoers) If presented with three empty stalls, men: Go left 28% of the time. Go straight ahead 40% of the time. Go to the right 32% of the time. Presented with that same trio, women: Go left 34% of the time. Go straight ahead 29% of the time. Go to the right 37% of the time. But when the left stall is occupied, men: Now head to the far right 73% of the time Women, under the same circumstance: Also move the far right 65% of the time Which loos to avoid? The middle ones. Apparently, we're all conditioned to choose middle options when presented with a row of options – something called 'centrality preference'. As they say, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. MORE: Women who have dogs have healthier babies, according to research MORE: Can we please stop being so judgmental about women at Ladies Day? THE FIX The daily lifestyle email from Enter your email Sign upFind out more MOREHealth Mindfulness: Does it really work, and how to practise it yourself People with migraines are three times more likely to have anxiety 15 struggles of coming off the contraceptive pill Crying while listening to sad music makes you feel better by Taboola Sponsored Links FROM THE WEB If you own a computer you must try this game! Stormfall: Free Online Game The Most Beautiful & Inspiring Interracial Celebrity Couples In Hollywood Semesterz 30 Car Cleaning Hacks Your Local Cleaners Don't Want You To Know [Photos] Activly Ten Unmistakable Signs Of A Bad Place To Work Forbes 95% Of People Cannot Pass This Illusions Test My Daily Viral Have You Ever Noticed That Tiny Mistake? Two Red Dots Comments MUST READ I'm sorry for all the times my depression and anxiety made me a bit of a rubbish friend I'm working on it, promise. Meet the man who tattooed over his weight loss scars and learned to love his body 'My tattoos were the last puzzle piece to build strength, confidence and freedom in my skin.' This schoolboy is fighting for his life - by completing triathlons And he dreams of one day replicating the Brownlee brothers' success. This artist gives cancer survivors 3D nipple tattoos for free Yes, this article does contain pictures of female nipples. Be warned. World Bipolar Day: Why I will never hide my bipolar diagnosis from anyone It doesn't define me, but it most certainly helps shape who I am. Don't think vegans can run marathons? Think again There's a reason professional sportspeople are turning to plant-based life. World Bipolar Day - a day in the life of my bipolar brain Just the ups and downs of my day 18 things people who suffer from social anxiety can understand and relate to There's more to social anxiety than always wanting to stay in. World Bipolar Day: What speaking out about bipolar has taught me about people It's not as scary as it seems. How speaking up about mental health led to me meeting Prince Harry I hope the Heads Together films help others have that all important conversation. What happens when you have no health insurance in America and you injure yourself? AKA try not to injure yourself in America when you have no health insurance... When you're working on your mental health, one bad day can make you feel like a failure I thought I was all better. Then obsessive worries hit me hard. WHAT'S TRENDING NOWMore trending stories » Read more: (Metro), Everything We Know About Human Bathroom Behavior (New York Magazine)