Cinnabon's new "Fantasy Suite" bundle is made for Bachelor nation.

Cinnabon’s New “Fantasy Sweet” Bundle Will Upgrade Your Bachelor Viewing Parties

Even more delicious than the dating drama.

by Daffany Chan
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Courtesy of Cinnabon

Bachelor Nation, listen up, because there’s a delicious combo that’s here just in time for the new season. Cinnabon dropped a new bundle featuring cinnamon rolls and cold brew iced coffees that’ll be available every Monday for a limited time. Here’s how to get Cinnabon’s new “Fantasy Sweet” bundle (named after the fantasy suite, of course) for the ultimate Bachelor nights at home.

Cinnabon’s new Bachelor-inspired pairing officially dropped on Monday, Jan. 3, 2022 — the same day as the Season 26 premiere of The Bachelor. The Fantasy Sweet bundle, which is available every Monday through Feb. 14, features a seriously tasty combo that’ll have you all set for viewing parties with your favorite treats and sips. After all, the Fantasy Sweet Bundle includes two Classic Cinnabon Rolls and two Cinnamon Roll-flavored Cold Brew Iced Coffees. Since the combo includes two of each menu item, it’s perfect for sharing with a BFF or SO as you tune into all the romance to come in the 27th season of The Bachelor.

You can purchase the Fantasy Sweet Bundle for a price starting at $15 at participating nationwide Cinnabon bakeries. It’s available both in-store for pick-up and through delivery, and you can place an order on the Cinnabon app or on The bundle is only available while supplies last, so it’s a good idea to order as quickly as you can each Monday through Feb. 14 to ensure that you’re all set for Bachelor night with some cinnamon goodness.

Courtesy of Cinnabon

BTW, if you’re a first-time user of the Cinnabon app, you’ll also get a free four-count BonBites offer when you download the app and sign up for Cinnabon Rewards. You can download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play. And if you’re not a card-carrying member of Bachelor Nation, you can still score the sweet deal for whatever graces your television set on Monday nights — everything goes with Cinnabon.

When you head to Cinnabon to pick up a Fantasy Sweet Bundle to kick off the new Bachelor season, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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