Moe's Is Officially More Popular Than Chipotle, But Is It Actually Better?

by Nina Ruggiero

Something huge happened today in the world of burritos.

Moe's Southwest Grill dethroned Chipotle as America's favorite Mexican fast food, according to the latest survey from Harris Polls.

After sitting tight at number one for at least the past three years (the Harris online archives date back to 2013), Chipotle didn't even make it into 2016's top four.

I know, I know, you're shocked. Nothing makes sense anymore and you feel like you're living in some kind of alternate universe.

We felt that way too, until we remembered that fun time when disease infested select Chipotle locations and no one wanted to step foot inside one out of the fear of shitting their pants for days on end. TBT!

We're talking about that whole norovirus outbreak paired with some good old E. coli that put the chain out of commission and left us all starving and alone for far too much of last year.

But we're no cowards here at Elite Daily, so we promptly called up our nearest Chipotle (JK, what is this, 1999? We hit up Postmates) to give the former champ the fighting chance it deserves.

We ordered the same three items from both Chipotle and Moe's.

Kylah Benes-Trapp

That's steak tacos, beef burritos and chicken burrito bowls. We got all the mix-ins, because that's how we roll.

We recruited our hungriest co-worker and started off with the tacos.

Kylah Benes-Trapp

Chipotle gets bonus points for sending us three tacos when we only ordered one. (Someone's really trying to get back on our good side, huh?)

Sepp went first and picked Moe's, but we both disagreed. Chipotle took this round, with two out of three votes.

Chipotle won the taco round, but could its beloved burrito bowl make the cut?

Kylah Benes-Trapp

Sepp was a fan of Chipotle's burrito bowl over Moe's, but once again he had questionable taste, in our opinions.

We both thought Moe's bowl tasted more fresh, while Chipotle's spices were overwhelming.

The burrito round, however, is what truly separated the men from the boys.

Kylah Benes-Trapp

That's Chipotle's monstrosity over there on the left, looking like it could eat Moe's burrito as a light afternoon snack. But it turns out, size actually doesn't matter. That's right, guys, we said it.

Moe's burrito might not be able to feed a small nation, but it unanimously won the taste test.

This scientifically proves, once and for all (JK, we're not scientists, LOL. We're just a bunch of morons on the internet), Moe's is, in fact, the best Mexican fast food chain in America. It only took a few hospitalizations to give it its righteous place in the spotlight.

But there are a few other details to note. To add insult to injury, the same order we got from Moe's cost us $2 more at Chipotle. Moe's also offers ~ FREE GUAC ~ and chips came complimentary with both the burrito and the taco.

To be fair, Chipotle won on presentation, and one of our co-workers mentioned feeling dirty every time he steps into a Moe's. But if you're as lucky as us and able to enjoy your Mexican feast while wearing a blindfold, Moe's is hands down the place to go.

RIP, Chipotle, you had a good run.