This Guy Tricked His Friend's Cheating Boyfriend In The Best Way


I don't really hate a lot of people. Hating just seems like a whole lot of energy, you know? If someone really does me wrong, I just sort of become indifferent towards them. They just become dead to me and that's that.

But when someone does my friends wrong? Well, that's a whole different story. I want revenge. Ask anyone who has ever dared cheat on one of my friends, I'm not nice about it. Hurt me, fine. But DO NOT hurt someone I love.

So, yeah, I'll shoot some dirty looks, maybe "accidentally" spill a drink or two and when push comes to shove, be very honest about how much I dislike them to their faces. But, wow, nothing I've ever done compares to the genius of this guy, Eli, who got the ULTIMATE revenge on some douche nozzle who was cheating on his friend.

At some point, Eli happened to come across his friend's boyfriend entering another girl's home. So, obviously, he decided to get the guy's number and confront him about it.


So now that it's been confirmed, he decides to get a little crafty.


DO YOU SEE WHAT HE DID THERE YOU GUYS?! He will tell her if he buys the pizza. And the stupid idiot falls for it. MUAHAHAHHA JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED.

No, really. It was served... to his house.


He tricked the stupid cheating idiot into getting caught and buying him a pizza. Like, not only was justice so incredibly served, but he even got a free pizza out of it.

Then, the time finally came to let his friend know.


Normally, I'd be offended by my friend being insensitive enough to "lol" at the fact that my boyfriend was cheating on me but, no, this was really truly lol-worthy. Like, "Hey, your boyfriend did cheat on you but actually it's totally fine because I already got revenge for you and he's a total idiot and you win because you have great friends like me... LET'S LOL ABOUT IT."

Needless to say, I love this. I love everything about it. And I wish I could just go back in time and do this to all of my friends' stupid, scummy, idiot, cheating exes.

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