The latest product in Emma Chamberlain's coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, is a new matcha green tea...

Chamberlain Coffee Now Sells Matcha, And It’s Perfect For Homemade Lattes

Emma Chamberlain is here to up your tea game.

Courtesy of Chamberlain Coffee

Emma Chamberlain’s coffee company is bringing you a new at-home option for when you want to skip the java. The YouTuber is known for her love of coffee, but now Chamberlain Coffee is venturing into new territory — green tea. Chamberlain Coffee Matcha is the latest offering from the coffee brand, it’s here to give you more options for your at-home sips.

Chamberlain Coffee introduced its new Matcha on Wednesday, Sept. 1, per an email from the brand to Elite Daily, and it sounds like a delicious pick-me-up. The Matcha powder, which is made from 100% Japanese green tea, is the first non-coffee offering from the YouTuber’s brand. According to the website, the Matcha is Ceremonial A Grade, organic, and vegan. It features notes of sweetness and umami (the Japanese word for savory), plus a slightly bitter taste that’s synonymous with the tea. You won’t be able to miss this new offering on the website with its green tin with a drawing of a salamander on it. Even though this is the first non-coffee offering, the brand stayed true to its roots by giving it a cute little animal mascot.

You can buy a 1.5-ounce tin of Chamberlain Coffee’s Matcha online for $20. Your shipping cost will vary by delivery location, but it's free if you place an order over $50.

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Chamberlain Coffee Matcha is making its debut just in time for cozy season, but it’s a permanent offering to its lineup of sips, so you’ll be able to buy it year-round. It also comes on the heels of the brand’s collaboration with Bodum, a lineup of at-home brewing tools like a coffee bean grinder and a cold brew press.

If you’re looking for coffee sips, you might also want to try the $16 Cold Brew Elephant bags or the XL Cold Brew Starter Pack, which comes with the cold brew bag, a large Chamberlain Coffee Mason Jar, and stainless steel straws for $47.

When you’re ready to switch it up from java, though, you have the new Chamberlain Coffee Matcha to try. The company recommends drinking the matcha in several different ways — on its own, frothed up, or added to whatever you like — so don’t be scared to get creative when you venture into the chain’s latest offering.