One Of Cecil The Lion's Cubs Has Been Killed By A Rival Male Lion

One of Cecil the lion's cubs was killed by a male lion who wished to mate with the victim's mother.

Lion experts reportedly expressed they feared the death of Cecil early last month would encourage another lion to kill Cecil's cubs and conceive its own cubs with Cecil's mates.

According to Daily Mail, research project leader David Macdonald said,

The natural law in lion society is that when a male dies and his weakened coalition is usurped, the new incoming males kill their predecessors' cubs.

Cecil's former pride now consists of seven cubs and three lionesses, and it is constantly being stalked by rival male lions.

The remaining cubs were given a 5 percent chance of survival by Zimbabwean guides, some of whom believe it may only be a matter of days before the rest of the cubs are all killed.

A source at a Zimbabwean wildlife park told Mirror the remaining seven cubs will likely not be able to keep up with the traveling lionesses, who unsuccessfully tried to defend the eighth cub from its killer.

Cecil's brother Jericho was reported to be looking after the cubs, but it appears he abandoned the pride. Now, the pride has been forced to flee its former den and hide from predators.

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