Video Of Real Life 'Catwoman' Attacking BF Surfaces

Jocelyn Wildenstein certainly went wild on her boyfriend.

The socialite, who is often dubbed "Catwoman" because of her feline-like face, is facing felony assault charges.

This is after attacking her boyfriend of 13 years, Lloyd Klein. She clawed his face with her manicured nails, threw hot candle wax on his face, stabbed him in the chest with scissors and hit him with a metal tray.

Now, video of the attack has been released.

The 71-year-old woman apparently called his mother a bitch before assaulting him with the metal tray.

The reason for the attack may have spawned from social media. A source said,

Lloyd was using his laptop and evidently not paying her enough attention. So she screamed at him to get off the computer, then picked up a lit candle and threw the hot wax all over him.

Klein, 49, is a fashion designer and boasts clients like Nicki Minaj and Pink.

He is heard begging in the video for his girlfriend to calm down.

A friend of the couple said that this type of conflict isn't unusual,

This sort of behavior is not exactly rare. Jocelyn's temper is almost as notorious as her love of plastic surgery. You have to admire Lloyd's restraint, but he would never hit a woman.

The source adds,

Lloyd is in fashion, he's a top designer and naturally his social media features many innocent photos of models. But Jocelyn doesn't understand what a Facebook account is or what Instagram is for. She sees the pretty girls and assumes it's some sort of dating site. Then all hell breaks loose.

Wildenstein, who isn't just known for her cat-like looks, but also for receiving the largest divorce settlement in history in 1999, was arrested for attacking Klein at their $5 million Trump World Tower apartment on Wednesday.

Klein attempted to calm down Wildenstein by placing her into a walk-in closet.

She then called the cops and said she was locked against her will, but when officers arrived, they saw Klein's injuries and booked her on felony and misdemeanor assault charges.

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