'Catwoman' Jocelyn Wildenstein Stabbed BF And Poured Hot Wax On Him

Jocelyn Wildenstein was arrested on Wednesday for slashing her boyfriend in the face with her cat-like nails, as well as stabbing him in the chest twice with scissors, reports.

You might recognize Wildenstein as the real life "Catwoman." She achieved her feline-inspired nickname for... well, obvious reasons.

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Apparently, her animal-like instincts went wild on Tuesday night, when she lashed out at Lloyd Klein, her boyfriend of 13 years.

It has been reported the 71-year-old woman became enraged at her famous designer bae for spending too much time on social media on Tuesday night, in their 5-million-dollar apartment in Manhattan.

According to, a source explained how Wildenstein reacted to this lack of attention... and it wasn't pretty.

He allegedly said,

Lloyd was using his laptop and evidently not paying her enough attention. So she screamed at him to get off the computer, then picked up a lit candle and threw the hot wax all over him.
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He continued to describe how the "Catwoman" gouged her boyfriend's face with her nails – which are real – before she grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed him twice in the chest.

Talk about overreacting. I can't even begin to fathom how petrified Klein must've been when his long-term partner attacked him.

As scared as he became, Klein allegedly told the police he first tried to calm the frantic Wildenstein down by putting her into a walk-in hallway closet.

But he didn't lock the door.

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While the plastic surgery loving feline of a woman was locked in the closet, she reportedly began freaking the fuck out even more. She called 911, security and her agent.

She allegedly continued to play the victim until the police arrived, saying she was being "held prisoner."

However, when authorities arrived on the scene, Klein had two gashes in his chest from the scissors. His face was also "scratched and swollen."


It became obvious Klein was the victim in the brawl. In court, Wildenstein faces charges of assault in the second degree and inflicting injuries with a weapon.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Klein and Wildenstein's relationship is kaput.

He now refers to her as a "ticking time bomb," and allegedly ended their 13-year commitment to one another.