Carleigh Hager Shares Hospital Pics of Tongue Attack

A woman has shared an upsetting photo from her hospital bed after her boyfriend allegedly tried to rip out her tongue and bite her ear off.

Carleigh Hager, 25, had to have 20 stitches on her tongue following the savage attack.

Her boyfriend, 26-year-old Ryan Cameron, is accused of throwing her against a door frame, strangling her and leaving bite wounds all over her body, reports USA Today.

He has been arrested, and faces charges of battery and strangulation.


The heartbreaking pictures of Carleigh show her lying on a hospital bed in a neck cast, with a bandage on her head. She is visibly battered and bruised.

Carleigh's friend, Tom Miller, posted the photos on Facebook in a bid to raise money to cover her medical expenses.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

He wrote,

Later today I will be creating a Go Fund Me page for our beloved Carleigh Marie Hager. She was brutally attacked by Ryan Cameron (her then boyfriend) on Saturday the 22nd of October. Carleigh has an extremely long road of recovery ahead of her. It will be at least three weeks before she can eat solid foods. Ryan attempted to rip her tongue out her mouth. In doing so, he caused sever damage to her tongue. It had to be stitched back into place.

Tom continued,

Ryan attempted to bite her ear off too. There were over 20 bite marks throughout her body, blood on her brain and swelling. The medical expenses, prescription medications, physical and mental therapy, everyday living cost are going to be unreal. I am asking that once the Go Fund Me page is created, that you all donate whatever amount you can, even if it is .50. It will all add up and help her out.

For more information and to donate to Carleigh, visit her GoFundMe page.