Women Are Selling Their Breast Milk To Bodybuilders And Fetishists

by Gillian Fuller

Fun fact: Humans are the only animals that drink the milk of another animal.

Weird, right? Most of us can happily down a glass of (cow's) milk, a cup of yogurt, a bowl of ice cream or any other dairy product.

But the mere thought of drinking human breast milk is enough to send our gag reflexes into overdrive.

Recently, however, drinking breast milk has become something of a fad among certain circles.

Interestingly, exercise junkies comprise the biggest group of breast milk drinkers; fetishists come in at a close second and often request “wet nurses” (which seems to be more of a sexually driven desire than anything else).

Online classifieds such as provide a platform through which women can sell their boob juice for up to $5 per ounce to a largely male and largely anonymous clientele.

Though the practice is mostly safe, Joanne Ransom, the clinical director of the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank, warns against buying via unregulated markets.

Quality varies, and diseases -- including HIV -- can be passed through contaminated breast milk.

Instead, buyers are urged to purchase through regulated government agencies such as the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, which sets guidelines and tests the milk before selling.

These organizations exist to provide breast milk to mothers who cannot produce themselves.

Proponents, including breast milk seller Jennifer Rowse, believe “breast milk from a human being is way more natural than drinking from another species' milk.”

Others -- including one anonymous doctor -- drink it as a milk alternative while following raw-food diets.

No evidence has been found to support any of these supposed benefits.

Unless drinking tit milk is some sort of weird, sexual fantasy you have (in which case, you know, do your thing), it is entirely unnecessary to drink breast milk past your diaper years.

If you need protein, get a protein shake; vegans, try almond milk.

Let's save the breast milk for the babies, okay?

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