Ever Wonder What The Hell Investment Bankers Actually Do?


Most of you know or, in the very least, had a conversation with an investment banker. They are easy to pick out from amongst a crowded bar- they will be the ones wearing an Armani suit, a Rolex watch, a Hermes tie and shoes that cost more than your car.

When you ask them what it is that they do for a living, they will answer with a slight smirk, “I’m an investment Banker.” And that’s about as far as the conversation will go. Investment banking, to many, seems like a mysterious career that they hear is very difficult to get your foot into, probably even more difficult to keep your foot in, but allowing for compensation that makes playing footsie well worth the trouble.

As with all mysteries, it is better to break them. Here is an explanation of what an investment banker really does from an ex-investment banker.

NPR has caught up with an investment banker and asked him the simple question of what he actually does. Below is his answer:

So there you have it. That is what investment bankers actually do beyond their glorious title.

Paul Hudson | Elite.