How Airbnb Went From 3 Guys Renting Out Air Mattresses To A $10 Billion Evaluation (Infographic)

This timeline created by Funders and Founders' Anna Vital tells the epic story behind the creation and rise of Airbnb, the living space rental service used by everyone from broke college students to prostitutes to wealthy socialites.

Vital's information is based on three articles from the Telegraph, Atlantic and Wall Street Journal detailing how so many people came to accept the intrigue in living in another person's home.

Currently serving thousands of people around the world, Airbnb has offices in England, France, Russia, Brazil and India and most of its 150 or so employees are under the age of 30.

Its three creators reportedly still work 15-16 hour days.

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via Funders and Founders', Photo Courtesy: Funders and Founders'