This Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper review rates how spicy it really is.

This Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review Rates How Spicy It Really Is

You’ll want to have some water nearby, though.

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Halloween might be the best time of the year to satisfy your sweet tooth, but Burger King is treating spice-lovers to a new seriously hot Ghost Pepper Whopper that’ll make your tastebuds scream — well, maybe. Of course, if you’re not too keen on spice, you’re probably wondering how you’ll fare against the Halloween-inspired menu item. I got to bite into the daunting menu item, and this Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper review breaks down everything you need to know about the pepper-packed burger — from what it tastes like to how many tears you can expect to shed (and, of course, how you can get your hands on it).

You don’t need to believe in ghosts to know that ghost peppers are the real deal. All you need to do is try the new Ghost Pepper Whopper at Burger King. It was teased via the official Burger King IG account on Oct. 11, and its spicy queso, crispy jalapeños, ghost pepper cheese, and flame-grilled beef patty and crunchy bacon take the Whopper to a new level. The stacked menu item is sandwiched between two toasted orange buns with black sesame seeds, because, ya know, Halloween. You might remember being spooked by Burger King’s limited-edition Ghost Whopper from 2019, which featured a ghostly cheddar cheese-flavored white bun, but the OG version has nothing on the Ghost Pepper Whopper.

Courtesy of Burger King

If you’re not sure whether or not the burger is too scary, er, spicy, for you, I put my taste buds to the test to report back on the Ghost Pepper Whopper. If you have a high tolerance for spice, you might wonder what all the fuss is about.

Ghost Pepper Whopper Review

I expected to be hit with the overwhelming scent of peppers. Instead, I only picked up hints of bacon, which didn’t prepare me for what was to come. Peeking inside the burger, I noticed the cheese was a darker hue than usual (hello, ghost peppers) and spotted the crispy jalapeños. Unfortunately, the buns weren’t orange and the sesame seeds weren’t black, but I let it slide.

The jalapeños and spicy cheeses all battled for my attention as I bit into it. The spice spread across my tongue quickly, but it wasn’t so powerful that the burger was un-enjoyable. The flame-grilled burger was juicy and flavorful, and the bacon had a nice smokiness that almost distracted from the tingling on my tongue. It got spicier as I ate, but it didn’t make my eyes water, which is pretty much the only way to accurately measure spice levels, IMO.

As someone who likes spice but has a fairly low tolerance for it, I was surprised it didn’t pack even more of a punch. Don’t get me wrong, some bites were as hot as you’d expect, but a lot of the spice was canceled out by the burger and bacon. Unless you’re someone who thinks mint is spicy (no shame), you’ll probably have an easier time taking on the Ghost Pepper Whopper than you’d think. Beware: You might end up reaching for your water a few times, though. I did.

Courtesy of Burger King

Ghost Pepper Whopper Price

According to Burger King, the Ghost Pepper Whopper has a suggested retail price of $5.49, though prices may vary by location. And if you’re getting fries and a drink to keep your tongue cool, it’ll cost you a little bit more.

Ghost Pepper Whopper Release Date

The Ghost Pepper Whopper began slowly rolling out into stores on Oct. 10, per the brand, but as of Oct. 13 the spicy burger should be available to order nationwide in stores, online, and via the Burger King app.

How Long Will The Ghost Pepper Whopper Be Available?

The limited-edition burger will only be available while supplies last, so if you think you can handle the spice of the Ghost Pepper Whopper, you should probably plan on grabbing yours sooner rather than later.

If you want to wait for a spooky surprise, check out the Burger King app on Oct. 17, when it’ll be Home of the Ghosts. Members of Burger King’s Royal Perks rewards program will be able to order a Ghost Pepper Whopper meal for two (for you and your ghost friend, duh) online or in the app. You can also track any paranormal activity in your house, as well as an app can track that, of course, when check out the ghost detector feature in the BK app.

The Ghost Pepper Whopper might have a bark that’s scarier than its bite, but who can say no to a themed Halloween treat? Just make sure to get one for your ghost pals, too.

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