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BTS Has A Self-Designed Merch Line Coming In 2022 And I'm Freaking Out

Jin’s up first with style photos dropping on Jan. 1.

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While BTS recently announced that they are taking a bit of a break, it seems the K-Pop group didn’t want to leave their fans with nothing new for the start of 2022. In a surprise announcement on Dec. 30, HYBE tweeted out that BTS has a self-designed merch line coming in 2022. That’s right, BTS created their own merch just for ARMYs in their first ever Artist-Made Collection. Along with the announcement HYBE also tweeted a schedule of the launch, which will have each member revealing their collection, one-by-one.

You’ll want to break out your calendar for this, because there are a lot of dates to remember. It looks like Jin is up first, and a preview of his line is coming on New Year’s Day, Jan. 1, 2022. Each launch will begin with a style photo posted to Twitter, followed by a “Show by BTS” video uploaded to both Weverse and V Live the next day. If that isn’t exciting enough, the third day of each launch will reveal a merch preview on the Weverse Shop for you to really nail down what items you’ll be wanting to add to your shopping cart. (Fans can also enjoy a “Making-of Log” video released on Weverse and V Live that same day.) The fourth day is when you really want to have an alarm set, because that’s when each member’s merch will officially drop on the Weverse Shop at 11 a.m. KST.

While Jin’s merch will be available on Jan. 4, RM’s schedule will begin on Jan. 3 with a style photo posted on Twitter, so there is some overlap. However, the most important dates to remember are the merch drop dates:

  • Jin on Jan. 4
  • RM on Jan. 6
  • V on Jan. 11
  • Suga on Jan. 13
  • Jimin on Jan. 18
  • J-Hope on Jan. 20
  • Jungkook on Jan. 24

Basically, if you’re an ARMY, you’ll have your entire month of January planned out. To be totally prepared, you’ll also want to have all the appropriate apps downloaded to your phone ahead of time — Twitter, Weverse, V Live, and Weverse Shop.

This is the perfect chance to use that money you just got from the holidays to treat yourself to something nice that just so happens to also be designed by your favorite K-Pop group. The teaser posted to V Live even shows a glimpse into each member’s process and their ideas for their merch. Suga thinks “merch should be kept subtle,” while Jungkook hopes to design something to “be with [the fans] in their daily lives.” That’s similar to Jimin, who hopes fans use his merch “every day.” Some fans on Twitter have even speculated that Jin will have something like a parka or PJs after he revealed in the teaser that he wants to design something that “gives you a warm hug at the end of a long day.” How sweet is that?

Whatever it is, if the Artist-Made Collection is anything like the adorable BT21 characters that BTS designed in 2017 for Line Friends, you know this collection will be something you’ll want to snatch as soon as it’s available.

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