Rugby Star's Ex Tweets His Nudes Before Posting Bizarre Death Threat Video

An Australian woman was arrested after promising her athlete ex-boyfriend an imminent death, and she did it all on video.

Brittany Hura, the 24-year-old ex-girlfriend of Australian rugby star Bryce Cartwright, told her former boyfriend of six years,

You think I'm laughing because I'm mentally fucked up? I'm not mentally fucked up, I'm just laughing at you ... you're going to be dead soon. In the grave ...six feet under ... you don't even know what's coming at you.

Here are a few snippets from the video.

Hura now faces a charge of "use carriage service to menace/harass or offend and stalk/intimidation with the intent to fear physical harm," police told Daily Mail Australia.

But her trouble doesn't just stop at the video. She's accused of doing more. Hura is alleged to have posted naked photos of the Rugby star on social media.

That could be deemed an act of revenge porn, which means Hura might literally have a price to pay. Criminal defense lawyer Veronika Drago told 7 News Sydney,

Fines can range from $5,500 up to about $11,000 as a maximum, from about one year of imprisonment to up to five years of imprisonement.

This episode is sure to be dark spot in what seems to be an otherwise bright career for Bryce Cartwright, who is praised as one of the best talents in Australia's National Rugby League.

His ex-girlfriend, whom he reportedly dated for six years, has not only threatened him online and, allegedly, exposed some of his private photos. In various Facebook rants, she also publicly shamed him as a cheater and labeled him a man who "can't even pleasure a girl."

Cartwright's manager, though, tried to play it off as no big deal.

The manager, Allan Gainey, told The Daily Telegraph,

This is nothing more than a jilted lover. I understand her Facebook has been shut down and I know she has been warned multiple times ... She is very troubled.

For Cartwright's sake, he should hope those threats are "nothing" either.

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