This Black Man Was Stopped For Being 'Suspicious,' AKA Reading In His Car


Humanity just reached a new low after cops in New Brunswick, Canada, pulled over and questioned a black man who they believed to be acting suspiciously, even though he was merely reading a book in his car.

According to NY Daily News, the man who got pulled over goes by Louizandre Dauphin and is New Brunswick's director of parks, recreation and tourism. Apparently, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer approached Dauphin after a few people in the Janeville area called in reporting “a suspicious black man in a white car.”

Really, people? The dude was parked by the beach, quietly reading CS Lewis and Timothy Keller in an effort to relax after a week of horrific police shootings and atrocities perpetrated against the African American community.

Understandably confused and hurt by the way he was treated on Thursday, he posted a photo to Instagram, writing,

So, a black male, sitting in his car, reading a book is suspicious activity. Good to know. At this rate, I may never leave my home again. #DangerousNegro

Dauphin later spoke with CBC News and raised the issue that while black Canadians haven't experienced the same extreme violence as black Americans as of late, the country still struggles with racism. He said,

As much as we like to turn up our noses to our brothers and sisters in the United States, we do have to recognize we have very much similar problems here in this country. I'm not a stranger to this and I don't think any person of color is a stranger to this in Canada.

Hopefully Dauphin's negative experience with the police will lead to an increase in awareness and real change.

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